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Spam and Virus Protection

We take an active approach in protecting our customers from the two most common email annoyances: unsolicited commercial email (spam) and email viruses. The following services are included FREE with every AQHost account:

Server level spam filtering: every incoming email is checked to see if it comes from a network address known to belong to a spammer. If it does, we reject it and it never makes it as far as your inbox. This basic filtering cuts out a huge percentage of the spam that you would otherwise be forced to deal with.
Server level virus filtering: we use real-time virus scanning to check every message that comes into or goes out from our servers. Emails with infected attachments are rejected by our mail servers, thus ensuring they never make it as far as your inbox. Our virus definitions are updated every 30 minutes to give you maximum protection from the newest viruses.
User configurable spam filtering: every account includes the extremely effective SpamAssassin package. This can be enabled from your control panel at your discretion and configured to suit your needs. SpamAssassin does a superb job of intelligently recognizing spam with very few false positives and frequently updated algorithms.

If you have any questions about our spam and virus filtering services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee to stop all spam or viruses, and that you should always have anti-virus software installed on any internet-enabled computer. We cannot be held liable for any damage or loss of any kind  caused by emails received through our servers or from our users.



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